Things We Should Know About Paintless Dent Removal


The availability of new tools and advanced techniques have allowed for significant repair results. One of the best techniques are paintless dent removal. Proper paintless dent removal can be performed without causing damages on the painted surface of our car. We should be able to obtain good results at very low costs. This method is intended to straighten dents without using any kind of aggressive methods. It is essentially a gradual process that’s similar to massage. In traditional way, technicians will remove the affected panel using a beater and use a wood mallet to slowly bash small defects on the surface. The panel will need to be beaten on both sides, so it will return to the original shape. However, the repeated blows will cause percussive damages. The pain will flake and chip in many areas, especially where the spot is beaten.

In order to allow the panel to return to the original condition, the paint will need to be stripped and the surface will be entirely repainted. The cost of repair will be quite significant and this is something that we may need to avoid. Although professionals may actually provide excellent repair results, the whole process can be quite expensive and time-consuming. We need the right tools, plenty of experience a good deal of patience. On the contrary, paintless dent removal doesn’t require constant beating of the surface. We will need a special tool that can reverse the panel, so the surface can be straightened out. The metal surface will need to be pushed gradually, especially in small section at a time. Although this is also a slow process, the result is also excellent and often, we don’t need to repaint the dented surface, except if the paint is already chipped or fractured in the first place.

All the work is focused on the rear of the dented panel and often, it can be completed in just a single day. The task can be performed by trained dent removal and those who habitually perform the traditional techniques may find that the tool offers easier solution. In order to perform this task, the interior of the car will need to removed, specifically in the area behind the dent. However, it is a better task to do, than using the usual method. The tool should be highly controlled and we should be able to get good results very easily. We shouldn’t be to worry about the overall risks. There are flat and long components that are used to perform the task. They will be slid into place and we will to slowly massage the dented surface into the original shape.

Because the task is faster and easier to do, the overall cost will be lower; especially because we don’t need to repaint the dent. Quick completion can be assured and often car owners could wait in the shop for a few hours and watch the whole process completed in front of them.

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