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How to Choose Floor Mats for Our Cars?


It is important for us to choose the proper floor mats for our cars. After a long day at work, it is quite possible that our boots will be completely filthy. This will cause the interior of our car to get really dirty. Good floor mats could minimize the overall effects. When choosing a good floor mats, make sure that they have excellent coverage and could perfectly fit. The perimeter of the mat should have moulded lip, so debris and dirt can be prevented from escaping. The carpet should also be treated chemically, so it is resistant to stain. The color of mats should also be able to reduce the appearance of dirt and stains. In some cases, we are able to obtain custom cut floor mats for our car. However, we will need to hire professional specialists and the cost per square foot of the mat will be higher.

For better visual aspects, we may also choose mats that have sewn binding on the outer edges. This is also helps to prevent dirt and debris from escaping. We may also choose floor mats that have specific car series/manufacturers logo, such as BMW, Merc, Dodge, Cadillac, Chevy, Lamborghini and others. Some floor mats could be made from specific, proprietary materials. As an example, a material known as Xynet has non-skid surface and can be cleaned more easily. The soles of our shoes will also grip stronger. In general, raised lip on our mats should help to contain water and dirt. Some of the more popular models could also provide lifetime warranty, so we could be assured that we have mats with good quality.

Some floor mats can serve double purposes. Floor mats can be used as is, for standard matting that protects the carpet layer underneath. But some transparent layer can be placed on top of the floor mats, providing extra protection. It means that not only the carpet is protected, the floor mats itself can be protected from mud, dirt, scratches and stain. This will improve the longevity of our floor mats, because the transparent protective layer can be cleaned very easily; or even each day. When we choose something like this, it is important that we choose a product that doesn’t cause our shoes to slide off easily. This is especially true for long-range truckers who spend many hours inside the cabin driving.

Many cars have different interior dimension and shape. So, we should really consider hiring people to choose custom cut floor mats that fit our floors. These mats should be made from good quality rubber or other special materials. Some floor mats may have very small cuts that can trap water, dirt and debris. However, we will need power washers to completely clean these small indentations. Whatever types of floor mats that we choose, it is important to make sure that we can clean them properly. As an example, if we want to choose mats with small indentations, we should already have power washers in our house. If not, we should choose mats that have less intricate and deeper texture.

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