7 Tips For A Safe Motorcycle Ride


Speeding and maneuvering a motorcycle on the road is definitely one of the most exhilarating things in life. Imagine cutting through the traffic on your mechanical stallion at 75 mph, the world around seems blurry as if you are traveling through time. Sounds exciting? Now imagine that hazy picture suddenly revolving under you, upside down and you are not in control anymore. Did you just shudder? You should. As much as you find motorcycling thrilling, it can be really dangerous. Here are some simple yet very useful safety tips that you should pay heed to if you don’t want the next motorcycle adventure to be your last one:

  1. Save your brain from falling out by using a helmet:
    Wearing a helmet is the most basic safety measure that every motorcyclist should take care of. Head injuries are the most common fatal injuries. Get your safety helmet from any motorcycle parts store and always put it on before you go for a ride.
  2. Keep your eyes open:
    Don’t give in to the ecstasy of speeding and always keep a look out for any vehicle approaching you. This tip is important especially when you are cornering. Even if the road seems empty, there’s no harm in turning your head and making sure, no surprises are awaiting around the corner.
  3. Practice makes a man perfect:
    Perfecting your motorcycle riding skills can take ages. Joining a riding course can help. You’d not only be able to sharpen up your biking skills, but could also test different maneuvers in a safe environment.
  4. Protect your hands by wearing gloves:
    The advantage of this safety measure is two-fold. Firstly, if the weather is cold, you can prevent your hands from getting numb. Secondly, in case you fall, gloves will ensure your hands are harmed the least. Buy the best pair of gloves from a good motorcycle accessories
  5. Use your foot:
    You’re bolting through the road on your black motorized steed like a prince with a shinning helmet and suddenly an obstruction comes on the way, what should you do? Use the foot brakes first, of course! Yes, hand brakes come later. It is better to train yourself, so when something like this happens, your foot naturally takes control first.
  6. Defensive riding is the best riding:
    Don’t depend on others on the road and drive defensively. Think of everyone on the road as blind and keep enough room between you and other vehicles, especially big ones. Moreover, keep the headlights on during night or bad weather.
  7. Check your motorcycle before you take it to the road:
    Always check your bike before you ride it, even if you have to do it ten times a day. Check the brakes, the fluid levels, turn the handles, look for any leakages, check the tires etc. Make sure your motorcycle gear is in shape.

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