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Top 3 Electric Cars from Mahindra


 The world is rapidly moving towards green energy, and the auto segment is no exception. In India, Mahindra and Mahindra is one company that has till date invested a lot, and expects to be a leader when the electric cars go mainstream. It first took over Reva, an electric car manufacturer, and went on to launching a range of electric vehicles. It’s true that these vehicles cost a premium over the conventional ones, but if you want a car with lesser carbon emissions, and low fuel cost, these are perfect for you. If you are planning to buy an electric car from Mahindra, have a look on the features of our top three picks.

 Mahindra e2o

Top 3 Electric Cars from Mahindra

 Electrical energy is one of the most potential contenders in future portability. What’s more, being one of the quickest developing business sectors, India’s merging towards the same is only inescapable. Subsequent to assuming control over the fairly unsuccessful Reva firm, Mahindra chose to restore the electric versatility situation in India with country’s first completely developed electric auto. Plastic quality of the e2o is decent and everything is tightly screwed together. Nonetheless, the greatest preferred standpoint of e2o is the sheer measure of gadgetry that comes standard with the auto. Highlights like slope hold, turn around camera, GPS navigation, 6.2″ touchscreen infotainment system and advanced cell reconciliation are just to name a few. Mahindra claims that the e2o has the most noteworthy tech in its segment.

 The electric motor of the e2o produces 25.83 PS of maximum power at 3750 RPM and 53 NM of maximum torque at 3400 RPM. Additionally it gets features such as power steering, power windows, music player, USB and AUX connectivity and Bluetooth telephony. The Mahindra e2o costs Rs 5.96 lakhs (ex-showroom, Delhi).

 Mahindra e2o Plus

Top 3 Electric Cars from Mahindra

 The Mahindra E2o Plus is the latest iteration of the older e2o. It is a proper four door car with more usable rear seat. The new Mahindra e2o Plus is run by a 210 AH Lithium-ion battery pack, that can generate a maximum power of 25 bhp at 3500 RPM and maximum torque of 70 Nm at 1000 RPM. The same battery pack develops a better power for the top-end variant. The top-end P8 variant has a power output of 40 bhp at 3500 RPM and 91 Nm of torque output at 2000 RPM. The engine is connected to an automatic transmission system that makes the driving experience better. The hatchback is also equipped with Regenerative Braking Technology that charges the battery whenever the brakes are applied. The top of the line P8 variant can sprint from 0-60kmph in less than 10 seconds, and can achieve a top speed of 85 kmph. Other variants take up to 14 seconds to touch the 60 kmph mark from standstill, while having a top speed of 80 kmph.

 The Mahindra e2o Plus is a good city round about, but it’s not great for highways. At the time of electric portability and constantly rising contamination levels, it can be the distinct advantage because of its great pricing. The low running expense of 70 paise per km, zero-emission and spacious cabin are the best benefits. At Rs 5.46 lakhs, the Mahindra e2o Plus costs around 50k less than its predecessor.

 Mahindra eVerito

Top 3 Electric Cars from Mahindra

 The brand esteem and picture made by Mahindra Reva electric have been taken to the next level with the eVerito. Mahindra has presented a great deal of new specialized components in its new item Mahindra eVerito, including a telematic highlight that monitors 190 vehicle parameters for remote observation and diagnosis. Mahindra has introduced the REVIVE technology in eVerito, which can supply electricity for covering maximum 8 km in case of emergency. The Mahindra eVerito features an all electric 72V 3-Phase AC Induction Motor that has a power output of 41 PS at 3500 RPM and torque output of 91 Nm at 3000 RPM. It comes with single speed transmission, empowering for direct speed variety as indicated by increasing speed inputs. The Mahindra eVerito can cover 110 km on a single charge. The charging would take 8 hours and 45 mins to finish from 0 to 100 percent and quick charging mode would take 1 hour and 45 minutes for charging from 0 to 80 percent. However you need to spend more money in order to buy the fast charge feature. The Mahindra eVerito costs dearly at Rs 9.50 lakhs.

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