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Automotive Progress: 7 Most Popular Options Of Modern Cars


Nowadays, modern technologies in the automotive industry are not surprising. Even the autopilot in the car no longer causes customers to be delighted. In recent years there has been a real explosion of digital innovations in the automotive world. But not all options are in demand. So, what technologies which have appeared in the automotive industry over the past 10 years have become the most popular?

Front Fog Lights

This option is not as advanced as many technologies in this rating. Also, this function has appeared long ago. But nevertheless the fog lights from the very beginning of its appearance don’t lose popularity among drivers. The secret of popularity is simple. Fog lamps not only give any car a stylish exterior, but also perform the role of safety while driving in the fog.

Fog Lights

So, as you already understood, this option is most demanded in the northern regions, where the formation of fog on the road is not such a rarity.

Rear View Camera

More and more people in the world want to see in their cars a rear-view camera. But surprisingly, this option took only the 6th place in terms of popularity. Nevertheless, the prevalence of the rear video review grows incredibly fast.

2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo Basalt Black PCCB PDCC ACC in Beverly Hills @porscheconnection 1214

It’s worth noting that the rear view camera is one of the most useful modern safety options available in the mass market of cars. After all, even the economy-class cars are equipped with this function. This is not without a reason, because the rear view camera is a very necessary option allowing you to see possible obstacles on the road when driving backwards or parking.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Nowadays, a lot of new cars are equipped with an automatic emergency braking system that automatically activates the brakes if the electronic system detects that the collision is imminent and the driver doesn’t respond to warnings.


This system is so important that the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began to consider how this option works on different car models during crash tests. As a result, in order to receive the highest safety ratings for any car, it’s necessary to successfully pass the testing of the automatic emergency braking system.

Blind Spot Monitoring System

Regardless of how well the car is designed and whether it’s equipped with advanced features, there is no vehicle without blind areas in rear-view mirrors. In short, you will always find blind spots in the mirrors of the car when sitting on the driver’s seat. In order to protect the driver from this disadvantage, many automakers began to install on some of their models a blind spot monitoring system that warns the driver about the car, which is currently located in the blind zone. Of course, this function is optional and costs a lot, but many drivers often choose it, considering blind spot monitoring system a very useful feature.


Cruise Control

Cruise control is one of the most popular functions in modern cars. When this option appeared for the first time in the automotive industry, it was available only in expensive luxury cars. Today, cruise control is installed even in cheap cars. Also, adaptive cruise control appeared in the market. It’s equipped with an autonomous function of not only accelerating, but also of automatic speed reduction. So, in a few years a number of autonomous functions that are available only in Tesla cars, will appear in cheaper cars, and a new generation of cruise control will become the same popular option as a classical cruise control.

19/52 - Adaptive Cruise Control

USB Ports

10 years ago it was hard to imagine that there will be USB ports in cars. But the world has changed rapidly, and those inventions that seemed fantastic 10 years ago, don’t cause astonishment today.

Baylor Car Charger Black

Nowadays, almost all modern cars are equipped with USB ports. With the help of USB ports, we can not only connect our modern gadgets to infotainment automotive systems, but also charge our phones, tablets, and different modern gadgets. It’s logical that many automakers began to equip modern cars with several USB ports, thus charging not only a driver’s but also passengers’ devices.

Side Airbags

Among all the high-tech and advanced features of modern cars, side airbags is considered to be the most popular option. In comparison with other functions, side airbags is a very important option regardless of the age.

This fact shows that no matter how fast modern automobile and preventive functions develop, the vehicle owners prefer to have peace of mind and security, which is achieved only through an active security system that protects at the time of the accident.

front and side airbags

Automotive progress never stands still, so every year many useful options appear. Nowadays, the above-mentioned functions are the most popular. If you want to test them, use Orlando car rental, where the most modern cars and options are available.

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